What We Do Best


We use state of the art equipment and Karolina’s microblading skills to create perfect eyebrows that are to die for.

Microbladed Brows from $350.

Touch Ups

We provide a wide array of touch-up services. Prices range from $80-$250 depending on the service and time of treatment.

Get the perfect look.

Lash Lifts

Get richer, longer and lavish lashes. Karolina transforms ordinary lashes into jaw-dropping good.

Lash lift – $70. Lash Tint – $10.

Good To Know

Rates are subject to change at anytime and are based on studio location. A Deposit of $50.00 is required for all Microblading bookings. This can be done via email transfer or Paypal. Deposit will be used towards total amount at procedure date.

It is important to understand that Microblading is a multi step process. New procedures require a minimum of 2 visits and it is strongly advised to do a follow up, touch up session 4-8 weeks post initial treatment. Multiple sessions are normal for cosmetic tattoo procedures. Microblading is designed to fade over time requiring refreshment appointments every 1-3 years dependant on skin type and after care measures. (Proper after care is explained and recommend for the very best retention and overall results).